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VOLhart originated from a desire to translate the emotion and beauty of a photographic encounter into a tangible item. Combining this desire with the breath-taking beauty and indigenous character of South Africa the idea evolved into a product range. I believe that my mother tongue, Afrikaans, is one of those beautiful languages that has the ability to express a range of emotions in a single word. The chosen name for this product range, VOLhart, is one such word. The Afrikaans word “vol” directly translated to “full” in English and “hart” is “heart” in English. My heart was literally filled with the magnificence described above and so VOLhart was born.


As a qualified interior architect these moments were naturally translated into everyday items in and around the home. Currently in the range are the coaster sets of different South African landscapes: ‘ …vol Karoo”; “…vol fynbos” and “…vol suurstof” all manufactured out of environmentally conscious birch ply wood. The range has also expanded into an extensive range of hand printed plywood postcards with themes ranging from children playing on a beach to the landscapes of the Karoo. Needless to say my cup runneth over -


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