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Postcards are what they are: a moment in time, heartened by a handwritten message, posted to a loved one, stored in a forgotten shoe box on the top shelf. Volhart postcards are exactly that but made to be displayed, cherished and most important of all remembered and seen. Each image is individually hand printed on birch plywood (on which you can write with a ball point pen) in one of four colours. Whether the recipient is the fridge magnet type, or the pinboard type, or even the fireplace mantlepiece type, they will find a way to hang it, pin it, stick it or make it stand.

Something to take to heart:

We hand print personalized and custom designed postcards for all your special occasions such as wedding invitations and corporate events. Contact us with your requirements and we will gladly provide you with the relevant information.

All postcards are available in 4 x colours:

  • Gray with a blue undertone

  • Sepia brown

  • Sky blue

  • Deep red



R60.00 per postcard. (VAT included, excluding postage) 


Full of innocence (in Afrikaans “vol onskuld”) is a range consisting of 6 x themed plywood postcards revealing the honest and indifferent nature of children immersed in their own worlds of play.


“ … vol verwondering”

Translated: “filled with wonder.”

“ …. volhard”

Translated: “ persist, persevere”

“ …. vol verbeelding”

Translated: “filled with imagination”

“…. voluit"

Translated: “to give it all” or “in full”

“…. vol drome”

Translated: “filled with dreams”

“ … vol denke”

Translated: “filled with thoughts”

The “…vol Karoo” is exactly that, filled with 4 x moments capturing the spirit of the Karoo landscape which is so complex in its simplicity.

“ … vol hoop”

Translated: “Filled with hope”

“ … vol draadwerk”

Is an Afrikaans saying which describes a persons’ complex demeanour and personality. The Karoo has these long stretches of barbed wire fence. Directly translated: “Filled with wire works”.

“…vol Karoo”

Translated: “Filled with the Karoo”

“… vol wind”

Translated: “Filled with wind”

Also known as the upside-down tree of Africa: the ancient Baobab tree. The estimated age of the oldest known Baobab in South Africa is 1275 years. The texture of the tree trunk gives an awareness of age and wrinkles which so strongly resonates with wisdom, if only they could tell their stories.“

“…vol jare”

Translated: “filled with years.”

“ …. volmaak”

Translated: ”perfect”

“ … vol geduld”

Translated: “filled with patience”

“…. volwaardig”

Translated: “full-fledged, up to par”

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